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BACK IN JANUARY Kae made a video making fun of Rih *tsk tsk tsk* True definition of backfire ZAMN

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The Love Triangle is OVA!

I havent posted anything in a while but a something happened earlier today that i think the entire knew was going to happen we just didnt know when. After speculation and creeping around with my bish Rihanna for months, earlier today Chris Brown issued a statement saying how he loved Karrueche but decided to be single so that he can work on his relationship w/ Rih…..str8 like that Chris? I had some thoughts wayyy before this. My thoughts on the whole sitiation was 1: Why is Karrueche still there, 2: Why is he stringing her along…knowing he wants to be with Rihanna, & 3: What does Karrueche has to say about his shenanigans. Now dont get me wrong I LOVE LOVE LOVE me some Chrianna but i was getting used to Kae & Chris. I feel so sorry for her that she not only broke up with the man she loves but did it in front of the whole world. Rihanna took to twitter 2nite and tweeted “Aint nobody business but mine and my baby”, i thought, well damn!. Its crazy ur now ex’s boo is tweeting is tweeting abt the man you just broke up with 12hrs ago! Crazy, right? I know Kae is hurting but she will pull through as long as she stay out the public eye cuz boa boa lol. 

Moral of Story: No matter who the person is whether they are famous otr not, dont  stay in the relationship if you see he’s playing you especially in public bcause that clearly means theres no respect in the relationship so why stay. 

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